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Thanks for signing up for #NocodeAcademy waitlist! We’re excited to help you start learning and building digital products using No-code tools and platforms.

Why Nocode Academy?

We aimed and focused on equipping you with no-code skills to validate your digital product ideas, build MVPs, and scale your startups. Exclusively for Freelancers, Business Owners and Service Providers.


What No-Code ?

No-code tools allow you to create functional digital products like websites, mobile apps, business workflow automations etc. without the stress of writing code. Isn’t that great? Moreover, the future of software/website creation is no-code and being an early adopter of this movement is huge competitive advantage.

What's in it for you?

In this first cohort, you’re going to learn how to launch your first startup, craft your MVPs using tools and platforms like Figma, WordPress, Elementor, Mailchimp, Zapier, SalesForce and others. How to effectively leverage on these tools to build fully featured products.


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We train creatives on how to turn ideas into functional products without writing code.

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